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Beware of Scams

Con artists conduct fraudulent telephone calls in an attempt to steal your money. They pose as IRS agents, Police Officers, FBI officials, Microsoft Windows Employees or Charity Worker(s). They will ask that you withdraw cash from your account to keep from being arrested, to make sure your computer is running correctly or to donate to a charity. Under NO circumstances will an IRS agent, FBI agent, Police Officer, the IT department at Microsoft or any law enforcement official ever instruct you to withdraw cash from your accounts to pay a fine or to get your computer fixed. Do not let someone take remote control of your computer!

Scammers will call to tell you that a family member is in a foreign jail and that you need to send bail money (usually Mexico)! They do not have your family member but they are counting on you to be in a panic and to do what they have told you. They even put someone on the phone that in a panic situation sounds, like your loved one. They will even tell you not to attempt to call or text their cell phone because they have it in lock up. They instruct you to buy a money gram and send the money. Do not fall for this!

Swindlers also sometimes ask you to donate large amounts of money to whatever “good cause” they are promoting. Even family members and friends often attempt to convince you to withdraw funds “against your will.” Be aware of such schemes.

Con artists will send you notices informing you that you have won a share in a foreign lottery in Canada, England, Amsterdam, Spain, or another foreign country. In order to claim your prize(s) they request you to wire money to pay a processing fee, taxes, lawyers, or other charges. These are all common scams designed to take your money.

Please be aware of who you are talking to! Do not give out your account information, social security number, or any other personal information over the phone.

If the credit card company is calling about fraud on your card, they already have your card number; DO NOT give it to them.

Con Artists will tell you when you withdraw funds from your account and do not tell the Credit Union employees what you are taking the money for. This should be a huge RED FLAG for you. They are attempting to keep the Credit Union Employee from stopping you from making a costly mistake! Once your money is gone, it is gone forever. They will instruct you to send a money gram or to purchase gift cards and call them with the gift card numbers. The IRS does not want an Amazon card to pay past due taxes.



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